We've Raised $9.4M

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Caden Raises $9.4 Million in Total Seed Capital

January 04, 2022 09:00 EST

A Note from our Founder
Today, I am thrilled to announce we’ve raised a total of $9.4 million in funding. This includes an oversubscribed $6 million seed round led by Streamlined Ventures and a $3.4 million pre-seed round. 

Caden is the first data company built on the core tenets of user consent and control. We have a rare opportunity to create a tech company that can fundamentally change the internet for the better while creating unprecedented value for stakeholders on all sides. Caden empowers consumers to finally take control of their personal data and make money from it.

The Caden mobile app allows users to pull in data on what movies they watch, where they travel, what they buy, etc., and see fun and insightful analytics about their behavior. It’s like Spotify Wrapped, but for every facet of life, all year round. Users can then decide whether they want to monetize their data, creating a passive income stream that never treads on their privacy.

Businesses can rely on Caden as an “ethically-sourced” first-party data provider, bringing the most accurate, robust, and actionable data streams to the open market. Data can be consumed in anonymized and aggregated ways for alternative data buyers, organized by various Unique IDs for advertising tech, or made available on an identifiable basis for specific use cases. All of the above requires explicit opt-in consent from the user–and that’s a promise.

To Our Partners
We’d like to extend a tremendous thank you to our lead investor, Streamlined Ventures, who was joined by Industry Ventures, Montage Ventures, Akuna Capital, and Lightning Capital, among others. And to our current investors, including Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures and 1707 Capital, thank you for helping us get to this point today and for your continued support as we enter this exciting new chapter.

“The new era of privacy, driven by heightened consumer awareness and inconsistent regulation, is challenging the future of companies whose business models rely on personal data for survival. Caden is the first to address this fundamental shift in how brands collect and utilize consumer data with a platform that puts consumers first and will deliver a higher quality of consent-driven data for brands.” - Ullas Naik on why he invested in Caden

"Caden is a game changer. Consumers are now empowered to have control of their valuable data and finally make money from it. Brands have an ethical way to better serve their customers. It’s why I’m personally invested in Caden and the future data economy.”
- Jerry Yang on why he invested in Caden

What’s Next?
We plan to launch our flagship mobile product to the public in the first quarter of 2023. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with relevant news and announcements on , , and

Caden is the product of almost a decade of theorizing on the future internet—one that is privacy-forward, consent-driven, secure-by-design, and most importantly, fair and equitable. I’d like to thank our early partners and team who have backed this ambitious mission.

Let’s continue to Make Everything Better.

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