Zero-Party Data

The future of data activation is centered in an assurance of the provenance, protection, predictability, and semantic preparation of data; where consumer consent unlocks value, ROI and business continuity through a range of data products from aggregated to anonymized to real-time and personalized. We're bringing ethically-sourced zero-party data to the market.

Explicit Consent Always

At Caden, we believe the chokepoint of any data pipeline is explicit consent. Your business can rest assured that every data point comes from a single-source datastream where each and every use case has been vetted and consented to by our installed consumer base. In short, ethical data use is sustainable data use.

100% Semantic Data

In our age of data scarcity and compartmentalization, data consumers like you have little recourse to verify the key assumptions required to produce value-driving analytics. At Caden, we always start with semantic, knowledge graph-enabled completeness of the individual. Beyond maintaining data consistency; this enables us to extract and provide meaning, relationships and objective truth in consumer and cohort behavior.

Aggregated and Anonymous

A consumer’s digital and offline identity lives solely in their own encrypted vault, only ever being transacted upon consent. While your business revolves around uncovering trends, building predictions, or processing macro observations of cohorts across locations and demographics, we aggregate and process billions of data points to help you explore custom views. All without ever approaching the boundaries of governance requirements.

Single Source

Consumers’ digital interactions and identities leave trails across the consumer data ecosystem; from loyalty programs, payment cards, social media apps, and offline behaviors brought online. Beyond ensuring data’s fair and ethical provenance, this is downright inefficient. At Caden, we believe you have the right to check our math: real users, generating real data in real-time - converging into sequential validation of every data point we process.

Demand Intelligence

Understanding and predicting demand is about far more than real-time foot traffic and POI data. We provide alternative data solutions for stakeholders from institutional investors and consultants to hospitality and logistics - configuring natively single source and aggregate data views for you to explore and surface analytics on e-commerce and retail spending, media consumption and personal transportation.

Customer Data Enrichment

Only one stakeholder holds the keys to the true value of your business, you. Caden’s CDE solutions facilitate the ability to reliably add boundless dimensionality to your CRM, CDP and clean-room data collaboration - while protecting the privacy and control of the stakeholder who matters the most to you, your customer.

Data Strategy & Analytics

Data you can’t explore is data you can’t build strategy around. At Caden, we believe that any product and solution set we offer must be configurable, searchable and queryable. This enables us to provide data products that determines use cases as much as use cases that determine data needs.

*Available soon in the Snowflake Marketplace and the Caden API storefront.

Real-time Econometrics

The ultimate real-time economic panel would pull together demand, consumption and discretionary spending patterns, across socioeconomic strata and locations - in a consolidated but modular suite of economic leading indicators, indices, insights and predictions. Sounds familiar. At Caden, our real-time economics insight and exploration solutions pull from our aggregated and anonymous knowledge graph, supercharged with the same ML-enabled predictions and inferences we provide to our installed consumer base in the Caden app.

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